Do not surrender the decisions controlling your life by allowing others to interfere with your destiny.

When your desires are not translated into reality they become the regrets of your tomorrows.

You are the creation of your own consciousness.

Never wait or procrastinate about what needs to be faced urgently.

What you are prepared to accept is usually exactly what you actually get.

Memories are one of the few things that can take from this life.

Always endeavor to treasure each moment as special for it will never return.

Your actions or lack of action does have consequences in eternity.

Creation is driven by energy in one form or another.

With effort you can be whoever or whatever you want to be.

Attract into your reality the things that you most desire.

Your abilities are infinite beyond comprehension.

Each action changes the course of the future in immensely complicated and intricate ways.

Never leave anything unresolved for long.

There are always options to choose from, multiple opposites always exist.

With the right amount of effort everything is indeed possible.

Life wasn't meant to be difficult.

Micro manage every aspect of your life in order to experience the things you want.

The way that you think comes to governs your world.

Don't live the illusions that others have created for you.

Loving yourself is just as important as loving others.

Reality is like putty, that can be molded or shaped into any form.

Life has the meaning that you give it.

The paths you create or follow become the story of your life.

Everyone has a destiny of their own desires.

Life is the most enjoyable game you will ever play.

Happiness is indeed purely a state of mind.

The consequence of your illusions is your reality.

Create and control your destiny, otherwise fate or others will do that for you.

Don't live life passively, but aim to be proactive, probing all the possibilities.

The paths that you follow becomes the story of your life.

Don’t end up doing life's bidding, instead of life doing your bidding.

You have the opportunity to create your own heaven on earth

Don't become a creation of circumstances.

A life filled with meaning and purpose becomes a wondrous adventure.

Within you is the freedom to become what you desire.

Control the details that will make your life more fulfilling and beneficial.

You have the power to change an event and its impact.

You have a whole array of potential just waiting for you to make a decision.

If you're not satisfied with your life then determine what needs changing.

Switching desires randomly always leads to confusion.

Things happen in order to fulfill some purpose.

The future will be governed and created by the choices that are made from now.

Life is capable of offering many opportunities for success or failure.

Tell yourself what you really want from life.

It is always easier to start anew than recreate or modify whatever doesn't suit.

If you do not take full control of your destiny, fate will.

You are only a prisoner of your own lack of action.

The accumulation of your choices becomes your destiny.

There is more to all this reality than meets the eye.

Everything that you give life to through thought becomes possible.

Magnetize your creative forces to draw what you desire close to you.

Magnetize your creative forces to draw what you desire close to you.

Everything that you envision, give life to, becomes part of your reality in one way or another.

Never give up until the moment that your desires become true.

Don’t Be A Creation Of Circumstances

Within you is the freedom to become whatever you desire.

Reality Imagined

Reality Imagined

It is imagination that sets your reality in motion, bringing your dreams alive.

The sole purpose of life is the purpose that you give it.

If you don't take full control of your life fate or someone will.

The path that you create or follow becomes the story of your life.

Never compromise concerning what you wish to achieve.

You will be judged not only by what you did in life, but also by what you didn't do.

The outcome always is a reflection of the quality of the input.

It is all up to you whether or not you live a life filled with happiness and bliss.

Always put attention upon important desires that have potential to govern the future.

Never concede until what you want to achieve has become real within your world.

It is up to you to decide whether you do your own bidding or that of others.

Always search for what brings joy to your life.

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Wonder Of Life

Wonder Of Life

Success is realizing the true joy and wonder of life can only be yours if you follow your own intuition, aiming to achieve your bliss.

Everything you envision becomes your reality at some stage. Start creating the life that you want today.

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that exist for you.

Everyone has the opportunity to create their own heaven on earth.

You have within you the tools to manage every element of your reality.

You are the master of your own universe.

Your destiny becomes the accumulation of choices you made for which paths to take in life.

You have the ability to deny anything the right to effect your personal reality.

Your life is a testament to the fact that you once lived.

Growth is achieved by touching the limits of your potential.

Bliss is found through the true freedom of choice.

Focus solely upon what you really need.

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Perceived Reality

Perceived Reality

Even seemingly insignificant choices can change the dynamics of destiny forever.

You have the ability to create and manipulate every element of you reality.

You are the masters and architect of your own Universe.

You are the creator of your own perceived reality.

If you don't create the future then fate will surely do that for you.

You bind yourself by the chains of the burdens you accept.

You always get what you want in one form or another, even if you don't fully realize it.

There no limit to your potential or what can be achieved.

The cost of not trying is your reality.

Fixing your desires then focusing upon them is a sure way to realize your dreams.

The cost of failure is a life far less wondrous than you deserve.

Don’t give life to anything undesirable through focusing attention upon them.

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Opportunities Taken

Opportunities Taken

Life is the accumulation of your thoughts and actions, by managing these you control your life.

The biggest driver or contributing factor of failure is giving up.

What you focus upon or give attention to will magnify in intensity, irrespective of whether it is something positive or negative.

You were born in order to practice the art of creation.

The cost of anything is your energy in the form of thought, actions and perseverance.

You create what you want by believing through imagination that it belongs to you already.

There is no necessity to become what others expect.

Opportunities must be taken immediately lest the chance is lost forever.

Never settle for anything less than what you set out to achieve.

Don't get wound up in the cares of the day.

Each day offers the chance to pursue something entirely new.

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