Life is an open book, with the potential to become whatever can be comprehended.

The best way to achieve a wonderful life is to have wonderful desires.

Life can be molded to suit individual desires.

Reality is littered with the corpses of unattained dreams and desires.

Choice is always the driving factor in life.

It's the people you encounter and seek that can make all the difference.

Keeping possibilities alive requires a consistency of thought and focus.

Make the changes necessary to create the life you want.

Truth is only what people can be convinced to believe.

Opposites are not always contradictions they can be complimentary.

The choice is create your own desired destiny or become a prisoner of fate.

Reality is an internal impression of the external world.

What gains the most attention may not always be the most valuable.

It is not wise to abandon a belief purely due to peer pressure.

It's important not to waste life chasing after rainbows.

Luck and fortune are always on the side of the persistent.

The mind is your servant or can make you a slave to its control.

The choice is to create your desired life-path or be a prisoner of fate.

Why have a dream then squander it by not taking steps to achieve it.

The day may seem like a dream and a dream seem like a day.

The story of life is to get out of this life what you came for.

Reality bends in accordance with beliefs and aspirations.

There is always a choice of how to view what occurs.

What is comprehended is embedded into reality as fact.

The illusion that there/reality is an illusion is the illusion itself.

The illusion that there/reality is an illusion is the illusion itself.

Whatever is unacceptable only continues to exist because of the lack of action on your part.

Everyone is indeed imprisoned within their perceptions.

Life gives what you are prepared to pursue with a strong persistent intent.

Your responses to life's stimuli determine how things turn out or progress.

Avoid letting undesirable outside influences have a chance to affect your thoughts.

There are no free passes in life, outcomes will always mirror the input.

Life really can become whatever you are prepared to make it.

What you have become is an amalgamation of your experiences.

Belief can drive what you wish for into reality.

Nothing remains constant, all things are in a state of advancement or decay.

What worked well in the past may not be relevant or appropriate in the presence.

The wide acceptance of a particular belief system doesn't create a truth.

Create your own desires for what you want your world to be.

What you think about the most is reflected in what you become.

It is imperative to choose carefully what captures your attention.

How life progresses all depends on what you focus on then pursue.

There is always the potential to manage every element of your reality.

Don't let the cares of the day interfere with living the life that you desire.

Belief in what is possible makes the impossible redundant.

Many rules in life are created to meet the needs of certain people.

It's not wise to stick to outdated modes of thought or behaviour.

In the final analysis, there are no losers or winners, life is just a game.

Why squander a dream by not taking steps to achieve it.

Bending to the will of others can become a full-time occupation.

Don’t be imprisoned by the perception of reality that others have.

Each new day offers endless potential, for what can be achieved.

Avoid chasing after the never ending deluge of potential trinkets.

There are crossroads in life were choosing the direction to pursue is critical.

Utilize each moment to achieve some objective that is driven by desire.

Be forceful to ensure personal desires are achieved.

Don't become embroiled in a senseless endeavor.

The onus of truth always lies with the source.

Survival is the ultimate goal of every living entity.

There are people who steal your energy or disrupt your energy field.

There is freedom within the potential
to choose how to live life.

Be the master of your personal internal universe.

Remain Constant

Remain Constant

The world if full of illusions that are forced upon your reality.

Life is far too short for any silly nonsense.

Beware of the games people play with your sanity.

The unacceptable over time becomes the norm.

There is rarely a chance for life to remain constant.

There is no shame to be assumed by changing one's opinion.

Don't be fooled into divulging what should remain confidential.

The ability to understand is more valuable than knowledge.

Going against a general consensus is not for the timid.

Time does seem to reveal what was initially only assumed.

You are the result of exposure to information both false, questionable or true.

The future is as bright as you wish to make it.

There are risks and rewards with every game.

Insanity in various forms are alive and well in the world.

Denial can cause the inability to view matters as they are.

Find the environment that best suits what lifestyle is required.

Belief is the fuel that drives reality.

Control is the factor that can negate fate.

Fear is driven by either actual and assumed circumstances.

Fear is a society induced state of confusion.

Why be satisfied when with effort things can become better.

It is never ideal to be passive by accepting whatever is personally unacceptable.

Procrastination is really the harbinger of stress.

Life wasn't meant to be a trial, it was intended to be a wondrous joy.

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Best Interests

Best Interests

There is a big difference between knowing a lot and understanding things.

Without a clear end goal any outcome will suffice.

There are always ways to control your environment.

When there is something to say you shouldn't miss the chance.

There are always solutions available in various forms to solve anything.

Determine those things that are in your best interest.

There are certain things that occur that need to be ignored.

It's always advisable to cut potential losses in the early stages.

A false potential can dress itself up as attractive ideas.

Finding opportunities while avoiding or ignoring nuisances is the key.

Control over reality determines that the desired state can exist.

The name of the game of life is ‘Winning’.

Laziness is always alive and well waiting to cajole any intentions.

What has been firmly established isn't necessarily true or sacrosanct.

Over time almost everyone shows their true colours.

Truth needn't be totally accurate just truthful in context and comprehension.

Things are not always what they seem or appear to represent.

The greater the complexity the easier it is for distractions to dominate.

There are certain things that are best left unsaid.

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Leaps Of Faith

Leaps Of Faith

When the unexpected occurs have confidence that it can be handled well.

Every choice has the potential to change the course of a life.

Vengeance is never an ideal means to deal with any situation.

Nothing happens in life that you are unable to manage satisfactorily.

There is always the potential to advance and evolve in life.

Decisions made in haste are always subject to the ever changing tides of fortune.

Procrastination is the enemy of achievement.

Life is all about balance, without which the seeds of chaos grow.

There are times when the window for action or reaction is quite limited.

The truth is always fixed within certain confined bounds, were untruths have the flexibility to change.

Leaps of faith are what enables some beliefs to have any legitimacy.

Take risks that can be understood and managed well.

Challenge whatever you may face with urgency.

Assuming others have the same comprehension and understanding about a certain issue can prove erroneous.

Labelling anything as impossible is defeatism.

Maintain a clear focus irrespective of the intentions of others to change the dynamics.

Tranquility is a rare state in a society that is impacted by the constant need for action or reaction.

Eliminating preconditioned thinking is necessary.

There are no free tickets in life, there is always some cost in one form or another.

Control or be controlled is a mantra that offers a solution to external techniques aimed at modifying behavior.

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Impossible Achieved

Impossible Achieved

Be in a position to walk away once the pursuit of anything seems in vain.

Fiercely pursuing an outcome whose time has passed is foolhardy.

It's the quality of the effort made and not the intensity that determines the best end results.

Don't be impacted by external impacts that are forced upon you by others.

Waiting and seeing how things turn out may not be the ideal solution.

There are always options available that are not obvious.

Everyone has the necessary time available to achieve what they need to do.

There is always a risk in believing that behaviors are set in stone.

Maximize the opportunity to utilize each moment in the most valuable and beneficial way.

Life can be whatever you wish it to be or become.

What you experience builds who you are.

Impossibilities only exist when a specific objective isn't challenged.

The Lack of time is the only actual true barrier to success.

In time things thought impossible can be achieved.

There is no point just persevering with any conditions or occurrence.

Every choice has the potential to change the course of a life.

Balance is the key to whatever is attempted.

Be fully aware and sensitive of the moment.

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