Life Is
Simply A

In life you win or loose, it's basically just like playing a game.

You are always surrounded by wonder, whether you realize this or not.

Life is fleeting, and the wonder can be lost within the confusion of worldly reality.

It is not a case of finding the meaning for the moments, but giving the moments meaning.

There is no necessity to crucify yourself upon a cross of your own making.

If timing is everything, speed of execution of an idea is even more so.

There is always a need to understand that others don't think the way that you do.

By giving attention to some external factor you bring them to life.

No matter what, make an effort to react positively to each event that occurs.

Knowledge can be leveraged to achieve the advantages necessary to attain or create the desired results.

Control or be controlled are the choices that will make life different.

Ignoring intuition to follow some course in life always has the potential for regrets.

It is critical to take sufficient and suitable action at the opportune moment.

The ability to negotiate and manage change makes all the difference in navigating through life.

The cost of freedom is being strong enough to find then implement your own desires.

Wallowing in the metaphorical mud of life helps pass time, but doesn't really achieve much of any lasting value.

Are you in control of your life, or are circumstances in control of you?

What you are prepared to do in order to achieve what you want is the only cost involved in achieving that goal.

Most people are actors on a stage of their own illusions.

For the best life experience it is necessary to avoid all stimuli you feel is undesirable.

It is always a good policy to continually reevaluate your life choices.

There should always be a purpose and meaning given to life.

Having a strong intent and purposes makes life worthwhile.

Belief is the driver that gives energy and power to achieve your potential.

Selective focusing tends to be the most efficient means of controlling what is desired.

The cost of freedom is being strong enough to find then implement your own desires.

Never fear to lose face by making a complete about turn.

Continual renewal and change is what drives life.

Without the will or desire to achieve you will be like flotsam on the oceans of time.

Surrender to fate and you will never be fully contented.

Fill your days with memorable rich moments that enliven your being and give meaning to life.

Always allocate enough time to pursue the things that are of value to you.

The wonder of life is infinite, yet most fail to comprehend this.

Life has the habit of throwing curve balls to determine if you are paying enough attention.

Always be on your guard against any unwarrented intrusion into your space.

Looking for positives is always wise in any situation that you may encounter.

Trusting fate is like gambling on an unknown outcome with unknown consequences.

A life without goals is like flotsam that is governed by the tides and winds of fate.

The power of belief gives legitimacy to whatever may be necessary.

Harnessing change is the most valuable tool available for creating the reality that you clearly desire.

Whatever you acknowledgement gains the legitimacy to exist within your world.

There is really no substitute for a well thought out and perfectly executed plan of action.

A mediocre response often is what achieves mediocre results.

It is essential to always be fully aware of the environments various energies and dynamics.

There are always endless possibilities available if only you are prepared to look for them.

You have immense potential to achieve what you desire, if you use the abilities you have well.

Follow your dreams with determination and conviction until they become true.

Life is a wondrous journey that can be of your own making or a combination of fate and luck.

Keep the body's energy frequencies high by always thinking positively.

There are always ways and means to resolve anything undesirable that you face.

Quality not quantity is the key deciding factor in making life worthwhile.

Intuition works out well for those who are attuned to insightful messages.

A well lived life is all about adding as much value to life as possible and not just passing time.

Laziness or lack of action is the reason why any unwanted situation persists.

For many people the environment controls them rather than being in full control of their experiences.

Life often depends upon what you expect and accept.

Creating things of true lasting value always takes time, effort, planning, persistence and focus.

Always take the route of the least resistance if it will lead the intended goal or objective.

Aim to seek out experiences that enliven your life.

Don’t Live The Illusion

Infinite possibilities are waiting for you to notice them.

Utilize Time

Utilize Time

Whatever you don't completely reject outright is taken as acceptance by reality.

Never take time for granted, it is not infinite.

Utilize each moment to achieve what you wish to experience.

Choose a life format that is the most desirable to you.

Mostly people are oblivious to opportunities that pass them by.

The pursuit of money becomes the goal as opposed to the pursuit of true happiness.

Everyone is the creator of their own perceived illusions of reality.

We each become creatures of the environment.

Burst the bubble of conformity in order to embrace your full potential.

Life will give you whatever you are prepared to pursue undauntingly.

Eliminate the superfluous that tries to enter your thoughts.

Choosing not only the battle but also its timing is the best way to deal with what may occur.

Everything within reality has some price to be paid at some point.

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Control Reality

Control Reality

Every day is an opportunity to realize the wonder that exists in the world.

Believing in or trusting fate is akin to gambling.

Don't loose the ability to determine every detail of your life experience.

Once assumptions are set in play they tend to justify additional assumptions.

Your reality is based upon your beliefs, desires and imagination.

Have integrity combined with confidence in who you are.

Money only has value in its use and application.

Surfing time on the wisp of illusions bears no true lasting value or benefit.

The course of life runs as smooth as you wish it to, or as turbulent as you are prepared to allow or persevere.

Control over every element of your reality is critical.

Confusion is a weapon that is used by some to gain a temporary objective or an advantage.

The confusion is always created within the illusion.

If there seems there are no solutions then create and apply them.

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Destiny's Road Map

Destiny's Road Map

All that matters is that your perception of reality is what you truly desire.

Don’t be drawn into any web of entanglement created by others.

It is wise to not focus on trusting the messenger, but rather question what was conveyed.

Trusting fate, especial to resolve anything is a pure gamble.

Always consider the purpose, reason and intent behind why people approach you.

The belief that others think they are right doesn't mean that they are.

Without destiny's road maps fate just creates random events.

There is always a solution to whatever you may face.

The right timing hinges on a narrow window of opportunity.

Letting things slide is always a recipe for potential disaster.

The quality of the choices made come to determine everything.

Part of making life what you wish it to be is eliminating the unnecessary and the undesirable.

Grasp the opportunity to make each day exceptional.

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Making Memories

Making Memories

What you believe or come to accept has infinite effects upon your thoughts.

Don't become what other people perceive you to be.

Persistence drives the achievement of the desired outcome for reality.

How you see the world may not be how others view it.

Always aim to use each moment to the best advantage.

It is quite easy to fall under the spell of assumptions.

Always ask yourself what will make you happy over the long term.

Choice not chance will deliver your intuitive desires.

Make sure that the benefits gained match or excel the efforts made.

Surrender to fate and you will never be fully contented.

A lackadaisical approach will produce lackadaisical outcomes.

Each moment has the potential to be special and memorable.

Persistent effort is what will create the life you most desire.

Flexibility is the greatest strength.

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