Destiny is what you make it; otherwise you are at the mercy of fate.

The value and quality of your experiences is the most important point to always consider.

The purpose and meaning of your life is to give purpose and meaning to life.

Take care of every detail of your life, leaving no stone unturned.

Each choice changes the course of life, its meaning and direction.

Never question your abilities have full confidence in everything you do.

When attention is paid to anything it gains prominence in your thoughts.

Choose wisely what you accept to believe or disbelieve.

Life wasn’t meant to be difficult.

Don’t be dragged down by old habits and rote thought patterns.

Identify things that you wish were different, then find a way to change them.

Everything within the entire universe is undergoing some form of change.

Cut down the clatter and chatter of unproductive internalized thought.

Always keep a tight control over all your thoughts.

Distractions always come in very attractive packages.

Keep your sights clearly on whatever you wish to pursue or achieve.

The consequences of you illusions is your reality.

Challenge your beliefs by opening up your mind to what is actually possible.

Achieving what is desired or required needs constant mental and physical focus.

Your attitude towards things makes them what they are.

Don’t dwell on the current situation, focus on what it could become.

There is no necessity to complicate matters beyond their true essence.

Life is built around shadows of the past, the promises of the future.

Realizing the true joy and wonder of life can only be yours if you follow your own intuition aiming to achieve your bliss.

Maximize every moment to create wonderful memories that can bring joy for an eternity.

Life is are a brief dance with time.

Develop the seeds for thought that will be the basis to create a new and richer life for yourself.

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that do exist for you.

Everything that occurs in life is because it was given the energy to exist.

Choices are only limited or confined by the scope of your imagination.

Perception plays a major roll in your beliefs.

Focus upon the things, the experiences, that will have true value.

Beyond this illusion all things are infinite and unending.

Your intuitive dreams always have potential to become true if you pursued.

If your life experience is less than your expectation then you simply need to dream much better dreams.

Divorce yourselves from the cares of the day.

Information is the most valuable commodity on this planet.

Life is a constant stream of chances to experience.

There are no reasons beyond laziness why dreams shouldn’t be realize.

Don’t vacillate by continually changing your beliefs or ideas at random.

Never ever compromise your beliefs no matter what the circumstances.

There is no sense or necessity to stay truthful to a belief whose time has passed.

It is the firm belief that you can do anything that will turn your life around completely.

Creation is the key to what you want.

You conceive what you believe.

It is within your ability to make your life experience like a heaven on earth.

There is no expiry date on your eternal existence.

Gain the understanding that the potential, the opportunities in life, are indeed infinite.

Destiny is what you make it.

Learn To Master Your Life

Only pursue what is important, to creating the desired change.

Create Your Bliss

Create Your Bliss

Always endeavor to fully live all your dreams no matter how intangible they may seem in the moment.

Life is made up of chances to make choices, decisions what you wish to do; the accumulated result of those choices is what you call your life.

Each choice changes the course of life, its meaning and direction.

Richness is not financial, but rather a life of bliss, something money can't buy.

It is within your ability to make this life experience a heaven on earth.

Life is a brief flicker in the essence of eternity.

Give value to each and every moment.

Whatever you can fully convince yourself is possible becomes achievable.

Don’t sacrifice long-term happiness for short-term gains.

Whenever you focus on anything you give it energy, you give it life.

Circumstances will be forever changed once you interact with them.

One of the greatest challenges in life is to determine what is truly important to you.

Don’t surrender your life to the things that are not truly important.

The main point is not to build a cross to crucify yourself upon.

Never underestimate or under value the true meaning or purpose of your life.

Mentally shut out as much external unwanted stimuli as possible.

Never allow yourself to live a mundane life.

Always look for rainbows after a storm.

Find positives within everything that you experience.

If you feel positive or joyful it will attract those beneficial energies to you.

Always optimize all the positives.

There are always opportunities to turn around bad situations by being positive.

Pursue Your Goals

Pursue Your Goals

True love crosses unimaginable boundaries, building bridges that form bonds across time and space.

Every thing only has the importance you are prepared to give it.

Each and every second is critical, therefore should never be wasted or squandered.

You create the chains that bind and limit you.

Keep your mind free of any mental chains that others could use to bind or confine you.

Be at peace with everything, then everything will be at peace with you.

It is the perception of things that makes them important or not.

The key point is to not give up, irrespective of what happens.

Greatness was never achieved by complacency.

Allow time to cease its incessant race to yet another conclusion.

Don’t be carried away by the cares of the day or demands of modern life.

You are the creation of your own imagination and thoughts.

Your potential is governed by your ability to dream better dreams.

Do whatever it takes to embrace a positive mindset.

Never allow anything to exist in your reality that doesn't bring you joy or contribute to your bliss.

Bring happiness into the world and to those around you.

Eliminate all forms of fear from your consciousness.

Money is an illusion of the material world.

Free yourself from any negative mental chains that bind you.

You begin to conceive your reality through what you believe.

Many don’t realize until it is too late that time is not actually infinite.

Life wasn’t ever meant to be difficult.

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The Value Of Life

The Value Of Life

It is the value that is given or obtained from life's experiences that makes the difference.

You create the chains that bind and limit you.

Take care of every detail of your life, leaving no stone unturned.

You create the chains that bind and limit you.

Find the special experiences in life that will have true everlasting value.

Treasure each and every second, for in the single beat of the heart or a blinking of the eye each moment in turn maybe gone forever.

Every beat of your heart, every second you are alive is truly a miracle.

You create your destiny through the accumulation of what you have desired.

Your present reality is based upon perception of what life should be like.

Your true available potential is unlimited.

It makes sense to utilize all the resources at your disposal.

By always being inspired your life will be full of meaning, excitement and wonder.

Always endeavor to be stay truly inspired.

You can change your world by how you view things.

Don’t let external influences govern your life.

Only your reactions to situations gives them whatever legitimacy that may evolve.

You alone should be only true guiding light in your life.

How you believe things can evolve determines how they will play out within your reality.

Within the power of your mind is your universe.

Even in your darkest hour always look to find the positives.

The slightest attention to a negative will give it a focus.

Your life is meant to be an amazing adventure.

Always Value Time

Always Value Time

If you freely surrender to the influence of others then there is no legitimate recourse or complaint.

To enrich life it is necessary to enjoy each moment fully for what it is.

Life was never meant to be a burden, it was meant to be filled with joy.

Don’t let time slip away aimlessly; for each beat of your heart is precious.

Light up each moment of your life with happiness and bliss.

Treasure every moment, for each beating of the heart has a purpose.

Always aim to live the moment to its maximum.

Pursue only those things what you feel a strong internal desire to achieve.

The greatest test is to control your emotions and feelings.

Realize that in the long-term perspective nothing really matters.

Make a wish a day for what you want.

Everyone you meet or even partially come into contact with will affect you in some way.

There are some battles that don't need fighting.

Don’t let things you can’t control disturb you.

There is no need to forgive and forget.

It is important to loose yourself in your own private place.

Learn never to compromise on things that are of importance to you.

Intentions that are left unanswered could lead to dissatisfaction and regret later.

Once a thought is born it has legitimacy to become real.

Appreciate the value of things that are irreplaceable.

There is the opportunity in life to do as you choose, it is the accumulation of those choices that become your life.

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